Thursday, March 10, 2011

Social media Overload!!

Hey everyone!! I am back!! Been really busy.
Doing what you may ask..ummmm
Busy with twitter!! hahahaa! No seriously, I have become twitter obsessed within the last week

I have been following my friends, you know, like Oprah (I wished her a speedy recovery from her cold, hmm I wonder why she never responded back) and 50 cent, who BTW is a twitter bully and cracks me up ALL the time. Of course, I follow my REAL friends and they follow me back and we talk more on there than we do on the phone (So SAD BUT TRUE) And for those of you not on Twitter, you do get tons of information; news, sports, entertainment, books, finance, JOBS, the list goes on and on.

Let me give you a brief history on me and this Twitter account I have. I signed up for a twitter account back in like 2008. A friend of mine pushed me to do it so i did. I probably sent like 5 tweets, followed Fabolous (He is HILARIOUS) got bored and never signed back in. 2009 some more of my friends signed up, but lo and behold, guess who forgot her password and changed it like 4 times because I kept forgetting (yeah that's how often I went on) Eventually I gave up and left twitter alone. Fast forward to March 2011, I officially signed back in and amazingly remembered my password !

So you see folks, Twitter has now become my passion for the past week, no more Hairlista(I will post some new hairstyles soon), no more YouTube(sorry subbies I promise I will make another video soon), no more Yahoo messenger(I will sign in soon but the pop ups distract me from Twitter) and no more Facebook(seriously you can follow me on twitter same info LOL)

I realized, that I can only focus on one Social media tool at a time. Even though I have all these apps on my iPhone, it's easier (and more sane) for me to follow one at a time. As soon as I get bored with twitter, I promise you I  will go back to another Social media tool.

Till then imma just.....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hair Space Violation

I am pissed ya'll. Like seriously, PISSED!!!! Why do STRANGERS feel it is OK to touch your Natural Hair!!! Why do these people feel it is not a problem to just walk up to you and touch your hair??? Do they think that our hair is not a part of us? It's just as bad as walking up to a pregnant woman and rubbing her belly w/o her permission.

Ok ya'll so today, I am at my volunteer job at the Thrift Store, giving greetings to my co-volunteers and out of nowhere, one of the ladies while complementing me on my hair style of the day (yeah I switch it up daily LOL) decides she wanted to pat my hair. Because she is an older woman, I let it slide, tho I did the snake move so her hands only got to feel the softness that is my hair for a split second. People we work in an environment where your hands are touching other folks used garments and what-not. The germs from touching these items, SHOULD NOT BE PASSED IN MY HAIR!!!

I decided to write a few rules for those who are known Hair Space Violators and the Illegal questions asked:

1. I have a faux fro hawk, so patting it down when I fluff it out is a federal offense. It is look it up!
2. I love compliments, but don't use that as a buffer to get close to touch the hair. Again it violates several federal laws!
3. Asking if an afro is real is another violation and could lead to an arrest and 30 days in jail. I would avoid this at all costs.
4. Telling someone that they must be mixed if their curls are a bit looser or their texture is a bit finer will land you in solitary confinement. You will get no court case, no jury will listen to your side. Scary. I don't make these rules up people.
5. Asking someone "how your hair curl up like that" will get you admitted to the psych ward under serious supervision and continuous testing of your brain. Clearly something is amiss if you don't know there are a million gazillion textures of hair and everyone's curls up like something.

Remember violating anyone's personal space is offensive and rude. Don't be a Hair Space Violator!
Or Face The Consequences of your actions!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Eco Friendly Dream Home!


I have another obsession and it has nothing to do with hair.

I love modern eco friendly architecture. My dream and my ultimate goal in life, is to build a house made from local products; metals (galvanized steel) etc, concrete flooring, simplistic design, using very little wood and the wood I use must be from sustainable forestry.
Rectangular shapes allows for better air flow. Open spaces, Floor to ceiling windows allowing as much light in as possible, to keep me from using electricity during the day. Solar panels, solar water heaters, radiant flooring. I want it all!!!

I even took a course on sustainable building to help me understand the terms and products that can be used to help me and I did pretty well on it too!

Living in NY, I don't know how possible it is to have such modern architecture. I may have to move to Canada, California, Boston, Portland or Chicago where more of these homes are acceptable, or move to the furtherest point in Long Island, where your closest neighbour is about a mile or 2 away.


Simple design

Use of metals and concrete
Exterior Design The BR House Eco Friendly Home by Lynx Architecture 03
Simplicity with Beauty
shredded jeans encased in wire mesh insulate the ceiling and walls of the living room. Red-lacquered Ikea cabinets, topped with the same black-stained concrete as the floor, define the open kitchen
Polished Concrete floors

A Zen Space!!
Beautiful Way to Create a Peaceful Garden and still be in your home!
Allowing nature inside brings peace
Look at the views!!
It's all about the views

These are just some homes that inspire me.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking For New Meal Plans? Here are some ideas!

****The first thing I want to point out is that I am in no way a doctor, or any kind of licensed nutritionist. I know what has worked for me and for others who I have spoken with and shared recipes. Please view this as an alternative and be free to add or adjust where you see fit*****

Being a member of Hairlista is so amazing. I have come in contact with so many wonderful ladies. The cool thing is we don't only talk about hair, we also discuss other personal matters and it seems weight loss/control is another big topic with many of the ladies.

I have always fluctuated in my weight, and have found that by eating at least 4-5 small meals a day have really helped me keep my weight consistent. Do I always stick to this? No, because I do get lazy, but I know that when I do stick to it, I see amazing results and my body is appreciative of it.

**One thing to mention is by cutting all carbs past 3pm you will see better results. That means no breads, no rice, no pastas etc..

Now the most important meal of the day is breakfast, but even before we get to breakfast, let's start with flushing out your system.

**Drink a glass or 2 of warm water, add a lemon slice to it**


Now for Breakfast ideas (Remember you can adjust these meals to your liking) **You can add crackers in place of bread for something extra (make sure it contains NO SALT)

*Scrambled Egg whites w/one banana sliced

*Grilled Chicken w/orange or grapefruit slices (yes you can have grilled chicken in the morning)

*Smoothie: mix your favorite fruits, veggies you name it. Try to limit the use of milk in your smoothies and use fruits instead

*Plain Yogurt w/granola, blueberries/strawberries/kiwi

****Sardines w/egg whites, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, apple slices (My fave breakfast)

*Oatmeal w/side of blueberries (made with water or milk) add brown sugar or honey to sweeten

*Spinach Egg white omlette (use 3-4 eggs 1 whole 3 whites) w/3-4 slices Turkey Bacon, kiwi, blueberries, strawberries and apple slices

Snack Ideas **Eat these at least an 1 HR or 2 after each meal**

*20 Almonds

*5 slices of cheddar cheese w/handful seedless grapes and strawberries

*Half an apple w/reduced fat peanut butter

*Tuna fish on 5 crackers

*1 cup of popcorn (low butter/Low salt) add your favourite topping but do so sparingly

*Turkey or Chicken slices w/seedles grapes,strawberries and 5 slices cheddar cheese

*Yogurt (your favourite flavour)

*Sliced Banana baked w/cinnamon

*Sliced Pears baked w/cinnamon and peanut butter

*Pineapple Slices (fresh or from the can served in water not syrup)

*Handful of Raw Spinach

*Handful of Baby carrots

*Celery Stalks w/reduced fat peanut butter or a lite/fat free or reduced fat dressing preferably ranch

*Tangerine or a Clementine

Lunch Ideas

*Grilled Chicken Sandwhich: Use whole grain bread or roll, spicy brown mustard w/spinach

*Whole wheat or Spinach Pasta w/grilled chicken or fish

*Pizza w/spring mix salad. Light dressing (yes you can have pizza once a week)

*Turkey or Chicken Burger (w/ or w/o Bread) w/Spinach and baby carrots on side

*Whole Wheat or Spinach wrap w/grilled chicken or grilled fish or grilled lean pork w/spinach or lettuce w/dressing of your choice

*Spring Mix Salad w/tangerines and grilled chicken and almonds. Serve plain or with a lite ranch dressing.

*Your choice of Lean Poultry w/1/2cup brown rice, your choice veggie w/black beans

Dinner Ideas

*Curried Coconut Shrimp w/potato and mixed vegetables. Eat alone or with leafy greens (can also be for lunch and served w/rice or pita bread or indian naan bread)

*Ground turkey or chicken cooked w/jerk seasoning. Add spinach and sliced celery and sliced apples (can also be for lunch and served w/rice or placed in whole wheat or spinach wrap)

*6 Hardboiled eggs whites w/a small amount of mayo and raw spinach mixed together.

*Your choice of light soup (I prefer tomato) w/mixed vegatables

*Grilled Fish (any kind you prefer) served w/steamed asparagus of your choice

*BBQ Turkey Wings or Baked served w/salad of your choice

*Tuna Fish Salad: add any combination of veggies into the salad


Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Beginning

I always believed I was in love with my hair!

It has been detrimental in my total appearance throughout my life. I have been doing my own hair from the age of twelve. I learned on my own, to cut it myself. I have styled it a million ways, rocked so many haircuts; from the McLyte mushroom w/hair in the back to the Salt-N-Pepa asymmetric bob, to Toni Braxton and Halle's signature cut. I've even had finger waves, braids and an occasional glued in track.I've had it all!

I put hairspray, gel, mousse, grease etc.. I used Luster's Pink Oil Moisturizer like there was no tomorrow as my hair was dry and I figured adding more would soften my hair right on up! Pro Ampro gel was a staple in my arsenal of go-to products. I made sure it didn't dry up near my ears or flake up too much by sometimes adding a little bit of water
I have coloured my hair in various tones ranging from a light honey blonde to the blackest of blacks. I have even done the worst to it, relaxing, then colouring a few days later! I didn't start wearing satin or silk scarves until my college years, it was always cotton for me!!

My hair length always ranged from closely cropped, to shoulder length. I never gave my hair the chance to grow past that because I always wanted to have the latest style and I was never all that interested in length. I mean, yeah I would have liked hair down to my waist, but I didn't think I could achieve that, or could I?